Alumni sharing their experience to the incoming cohort on Day 1 of Techstars Montréal AI 2019

Building a startup with AI at its core brings unique challenges compared to traditional tech startups. As I’m heading into selection of the 4th Techstars Montréal AI cohort, I wanted to share some of the insight gained from working with the 30 AI startups that went through the program since it started in 2018. It wasn’t easy to sum that up in a short list of takeaways but these are the five main things that stand out.

Applications for Techstars Montréal AI 2021 are open until May 12. or read more about it in ou en .


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Avec le printemps qui arrive, notre recherche est lancée pour dénicher les 10 startups d’IA qui formeront la cohorte Techstars Montréal AI 2021. Ce sera déjà la 4e cohorte de notre programme d’accélération et c’est excitant de voir les 30 alumni progresser (relisez les annonces des cohortes , et ). Curieux d’en savoir plus? Voici donc un peu plus de détails sur le genre de startups que l’on cherche ainsi que des événements à venir où nous serons présents.

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C’est rendu quoi une “startup en IA”?

Une chose qui a…

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Building on a group of 30 amazing alumni (, , and ), we’re now looking for the next group of 10 world-class AI startups to join our accelerator program starting in September. Read on for more info about the type of companies we’re looking for as well as upcoming events where you can meet us.

Link to application page:

What’s an “AI startup” nowadays?

One thing that changed since we first started this program with our friends at is that a startup using AI in some way or another in its product…

As Managing Director of Techstars Montréal AI, … and the last few weeks have been pretty brutal. In a maelstrom of bleak news and gloomy predictions for what’s ahead, it’s super hard if not impossible to keep going business as usual. There’s just nothing usual about business right now. Nonetheless, there are impressive examples of resilience and adaptation to unexpected circumstances. I felt those deserved to be shared. Not because they’re spectacular. Not because they’ll give you the secret steps to success. Simply because…

Sent this email last Friday (March 13, 2020) to Techstars Montréal AI alumni. Sharing it broadly as I’ve started referring to it in other discussions. Hopefully it’s helpful to more people.

Hey everyone!

I wanted to reach out to all of you amid the turmoil of the current COVID-19 pandemic and see how you’re doing. Things are unfolding pretty fast and it’s currently very hard to understand what the next few months will look like. Leading a startup is never easy, doing it in such times will be pretty brutal.

There is a deep dive on the calendar with the…

Founders from 2019 class meeting with 2018 alumni and Real Ventures team on Day 1 of program.

Over the last two years, the Techstars Montréal AI accelerator became a core part of an ecosystem that has established itself as a . Last December we wrapped up the second class with a Demo Day that gathered almost a thousand mentors, entrepreneurs, investors and startup enthusiasts ().

With a bit of time to catch our breath, we now set our sights on the third year of the accelerator program. …

In April 2018, Josette Landry, Founder & CEO of Streamline Genomics, was graduating from Techstars NYC and heading back to Montreal after three intense months of work, dedication, and growth. Almost exactly one year later, we sat down to talk about her experience, how Techstars remains a part of her entrepreneurial journey and her participation in the upcoming event on May 15th in Montreal.

Josette Landry’s entrepreneurial journey began while working towards her Ph.D. in Genetics at the University of British Columbia, when she co-founded a consulting firm that provided bioinformatics services to…

One of the most exciting parts of managing a Techstars program is meeting with founders from all over the world and listening as they share their excitement about what they are working on. That period is officially here as for Techstars Montréal AI Accelerator, class of 2019. Real Ventures continues to be our partner in this program — mentoring, advising, and helping to open doors for entrepreneurs.

Over the last few years, Montreal . It grew from more than a quarter century of deep research to become the…

Bruno Morency

Managing Director — Techstars Montréal AI

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